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Laura Hunt

The BRO Event Professionals


In 1988, when I started By Recommendation Only, I contacted my very first event professional, a caterer, after seeing their attractive ad in the Palo Alto Weekly. From that caterer's recommendation, I met other quality vendors. Every other professional included in the guide books and now on my website has to be recommended first.

How does it work?
After the initial careful screening, Jubilee, of Jubilee Lau Events, or I will meet the owner(s) or contact persons on site at their place of business. Each critique you read is written by us and based on our observations during the in-depth interviews and references that the professionals provide. We draw upon our breadth of knowledge of the entire Bay Area event industry. We have viewed thousands of photographs, watched hundreds of videos, sat in rental cars, and sampled many cakes and appetizers. In short, we know the work of all featured event professional.

The BRO Event Professionals
During the last 15 years that I have published By Recommendation Only, the event industry has achieved new standards in professionalism. Wedding consultants are not just former brides who, on a whim, decided it would be fun to plan other weddings. They often have been high-powered professionals in other fields who then attend classes, earn degrees, and apprentice with other coordinators to gain the knowledge that only years of experience can provide. These days wedding coordinators don't have anything in common with the flamboyant Howard Weinstein in Father of the Bride. They see themselves as facilitators who quietly work behind the scenes together with other event specialists so bride and groom can focus on family, friends, and the joy of the day.

Today's fine caterers are not satisfied bringing prepared food to be warmed up in ovens. They provide their own portable kitchens to prepare fresh food that is as delicious as that found in a gourmet restaurant. Please read: Behind the Scenes!

Photographers are active members of large national and international organizations, where they attend seminars to improve their craft. They also belong to local groups through which they critique each others' work so all can learn and improve. Videographers, too, have international and local associations, where classes are offered and critiques given. Inspired by these professionals, florists have created their own group, the very idea born during one of our BRO professional's workshops.

A word of caution
The Internet can be wonderful for sharing and finding information. However, there is no guarantee that a business will provide what it promises. Stock photographs from every category can be purchased to create an impression of quality that the vendor cannot deliver. One way to protect yourself is to select professionals you can trust, the BRO professionals. To ensure that the BRO Seal of Approval legitimately graces a website, please double-check the BRO website in each category.

One thing I know for sure
For BRO, I seek out quality professionals in different price ranges. They all strive to do their best. They continually reinvent themselves so their work is fresh and exciting. They are among the leaders in the industry, and I am very proud of them! In short:

They are event professionals you can trust!

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