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Laura Hunt

It’s Stylish to Be Green

By Nancy Liu Chin Designs, Exceptional Flowers

I love the goal of the website Organic Living. It is devoted to inspiring people to live a more conscientious lifestyle, improving the world we live in for the better, by thinking green.

This growing trend is spreading throughout various industries, from organic grocery stores to apparel manufacturers and beauty products. An example of this is Whole Foods, one of the world's leading retailers of natural and organic products. Companies, like Whole Foods, understand that people want to live a healthier lifestyle and want products that are better for Planet Earth.

When it comes to weddings this same 'organic' approach is catching on. Catering companies, such as, Rising Sun Catering, are separating themselves from their competitors by offering only sustainable food on their menu. In addition, many corporate events have recently challenged me to create environmentally friendly designs.

Here are seven creative ideas on how to turn your event into an environmentally friendly wedding...

1) Plant Crazy: I love the use of plants as centerpieces. There are so many wonderful, blooming plants, such as, hydrangeas, azaleas, and succulents that make a striking statement on a tablescape. The best thing is that guests can take them home and replant. Now that's a green idea…couples can save a little money for their pockets and by not throwing away expensive flowers and their guests can enjoy more blooms long after the wedding day.

2) The Seeds of Love: We can help our planet by planting more flowers and trees so why not send guests home with bulbs of your favorite flowers or a tree in a box packet. It’s a unique idea and thoughtful idea, with an environmental bonus.

3) Fruity: One of the top trends this year is the reemergence of fruit in fashion. How about taking this idea and adding it to your 'organic' wedding. Replace paper place cards with 'organic' small apples. On each apple you can tie a small note that’s hand-written (and save the ink) on recycled paper.

4) Just like Mom's: As a special treat, swap out the traditional cake with a cookie bar consisting of homemade 'organic' cookies. You can find many wonderful 'organic' recipes online or visit a local organic bakery shop, like Miette Cakes who uses the freshest local, organic ingredients.

5) Light My Fire: I recently was introduced to Soy Candles. These candles are made from soy beans and last twice as long as petroleum-based paraffin candles. Soy candles are non-toxic, less likely to trigger allergies, easier to clean up, and leaves less residue and soot. In general, they are better for the environment. Due to their growing popularity, you can find many different sources for soy candles. I especially like the 6 oz. soy candle in a travel tin that you can find on Candles by Claudine. As favors, they are a creative idea as gifts for guests.

6) Buy Locally, Save Globally: You can ask your floral designer if they can buy your flowers for your wedding from locally grown organic growers. Many designers have access and buy from these sources regularly. By buying from certified organic local growers, you’ll be putting green into the regional economy and thinking green globally.

7) Leaving Las Vegas: Perhaps incorporating all these ideas into your wedding is difficult but you can still stay at hotels that are environmental friendly or take the week and volunteer at your favorite charity. As they say giving is better than receiving.

All green business names are links!



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