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Laura Hunt

The By Recommendation Only Team

Johanna Kaestner
Johanna Kaestner conceived, authored, and published the first series of By Recommendation Only books, covering the party and wedding industry in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area. She has expanded her activities to the Internet and continues to develop this website. Her expertise in this endeavor stems from more than 14 years researching the party and wedding industry.

Jubilee Lau
Jubilee Lau, a certified wedding and event coordinator, lives in Santa Clara, California. Reminisce is the name for event coordination business and Miju for her favor company. Since October 2004 Jubilee is the local representative for By Recommendation Only in the greater S.F. Bay Area.

Kathleen Stearns
Kathleen Stearns is a freelance writer and editor who lives in Redmond, Washington. In over 20 years in public education, she taught English and mathematics at the high school and community college levels and was an administrator in the admissions department of a large public university.

Mindy Sitton-Halleck
Mindy Sitton-Halleck has spent over 20 years in the real estate and mortgage industry in the Pacific Northwest. She has successfully counseled thousands of people regarding their budgeting and credit needs. Mindy's role with BRO is as the Romance & Money Column consultant. She is also a published writer who lives in Washington State

Claire Hatch
Claire Hatch, MSW is a Licensed Social Worker and Certified Mediator. She has 13 years of experience counseling families and a special focus on couples counseling. Her unique approach helps couples create a strong marriage and at the same time thrive during the transition to marriage.

Deborah Marks
Deborah Marks has been an Interior Design Consultant in the Bay Area specializing in contemporary design for the last few years. She has an Interior Design Certificate from Cañada College. Deborah and her husband live on the San Francisco Peninsula.

Mischa Kubancik
Mischa Kubancik is the co-founder of Beyond Limits, a personal training company in San Francisco. In addition to helping brides prepare for their weddings, she is also a certified triathlon coach and has been helping clients reach their goals for over ten years.

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