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Laura Hunt

Ask the Experts


Question: I am in my best friends wedding, the bridal party consists of her matron of
honor (sister) 5 bride maids, and two flower girls.....are we suppose to attend every shower, and if so, do we purchase a gift for each one?

Answer from Jubilee Lau
Jubilee Lau Events
Selecting Dear Tammy,
Regardless of the number of bridesmaids in the wedding party, it is advised that they get together to host just one shower. Otherwise it does become a financial burden to everyone and would lose its significance. When attending the shower, it is generally a good idea to get a gift that is tailored to the specific shower theme. The hosts should mention in the invitation on what the theme will be. If you were really invited to multiple showers for the same bride, you are certainly not expected to attend all of them unless you want to.
You can always graciously decline the invitations stating that you have already celebrated with the bride at a previous shower.
Best regards, Jubilee Lau

Question: Please answer the following question:
Do the brides' parents buy the groom a gift? If so, any suggestions?

Answer from Johanna:
By Recommendation Only
You don't have to give a grooms gift. However, I always think it is nice to give one. Favorite gifts are: watches, cameras, golf clubs, or something from the wish list for groom and bride together. I hope this helps!

Question: My oldest son's wedding is in May. I wanted to know is it proper for me to give the bride a gift at her shower and also to take a gift to the reception? Do not want to mess this up on my part. What is the correct thing to do. I told my son that I had some things (household things that were mine and my mother's that they could get after the wedding if they want them).
I want to be a good mother-in-law like I have.

Answer from Johanna:
By Recommendation Only
It is so nice to hear from a mother-in-law asking how to do the right thing. Here are my suggestions:
Why don't you give the bride something very personal. It could be a piece of family jewelry you want her to have. You also can ask your son, if she has a secret wish. Don't forget a card welcoming her into the family.
The wedding gift is for bride and groom together. Good luck!

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