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Laura Hunt

Where are they now?
Our featured couple tell their story

Text: Jennifer Sonney
Eric Sartoris, Northern Light

Kevin and I were introduced through friends. One month after we started dating, Kevin began saving for the ring. A few days before we both graduated from the University of Washington, he proposed at Louisa Boren Park, which overlooks Lake Washington.

He actually hid the ring (box and all) in his sock! Thirteen months later we got married at The Golf Club at Newcastle. The wedding was a dream: a true combination of anticipation, nerves, emotions, and joy. Our most memorable night on our honeymoon was in Maui when we enjoyed a 5-course meal at sunset, on our balcony overlooking the ocean, all while a guitarist serenaded us from below.

My best advice for future brides is to allow people to help you with the planning. Talk to friends who recently have been married, and learn what did and did not work at their wedding. Also, try simply to enjoy the day without being distracted by small glitches in the master plan. Everyone is there to celebrate with you, and most will not even notice if something is missing!

Today we are not leading the most exciting lives. Both of us are working: Kevin as a technology supervisor and I as a part time pediatric nurse. We also are attending graduate school at the University of Washington. Due to our busy schedules, on Valentine's Day we will go out for dinner and spend some much-needed downtime together!


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