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Laura Hunt

The Purrfumery Adventure

Text: Johanna Kaestner
Photography: Jubilee Lau

The more sophisticated we get the harder is it to be unique. Personalizing weddings, based on family tradition and heritage, are very much en vogue; but how can a hostess surprise her wedding shower guests?

For women who want to pamper their friends with something luxurious, and at the same time something sensual and fascinating, I suggest the Purrfumery Adventure! Laurie, the Adventure's creator was formerly a well-known wedding florist in the East Bay. She now has turned her talents to creating all-natural botanical scents, brewing small batches of natural botanical perfumes and body oils. The passionate cat lover called her business Velvet and Sweet Pea's Purrfumery in love for her two rescued cats.

It was one of the clear and sunny days in late fall when we, a middle-aged group of women, all friends from the event industry, drove up the hill to Laurie's house. She had invited us to accompany her for a romantic journey of the senses. We relaxed on comfortable chairs and sofas around the coffee table were most of Laurie's treasures were displayed.

Exquisite perfumes and body oils were securely stored in fine French crystal bottles or jeweled boxes in order to preserve the volatile fragrance. We smelled the scent of incredibly rare spring-blooming jonquilles, which belong to the family of narcissus poeticus, and marveled at the simple, fresh aroma of blood oranges.

We drew in the earthy pungency of the Indian pink lotus, and learned that whole villages live from picking these flowers from the ponds hidden in the jungle. We experienced that Lavender from the the high altitude of the Himalayas has more floral scent than medicinal scent, and that the best vanilla beans come from Madagascar. Soil, weather, altitude, and the year of the harvest are very important. The more perfect the conditions, the better the plants from which these volatile essences are collected. We shared and laughed about our impressions, which the different perfumes provoked and had a lot of fun, and laughed about the outcome.

Laurie offers her Adventure for bridal showers or teas, small groups like brides and attendants, or even the bridal couple itself. I am sure you they will discover an entirely new side of each other as they explore the world of scents.
Adventure rates depend on the number of participants and travel time.
For more information please visit Velvet and Sweet Pea's Purrfumery:

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