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Laura Hunt

Caviar & Champage - A "Decadent" Bridal Shower

Polina Sukonik

A bridal shower is a special occasion; the bride-to-be celebrates with her friends before her big day. It is a pampering event at which she is showered with love, advice, and plenty of "girly goodies." No bridal shower is complete without a bit of decadence -- and Polina's bridal shower had a bit of everything, including champagne, caviar, and a unique musical surprise.


Legend has it that the first bridal shower was given for a Dutch bride with a broken heart. She intended to marry a poor miller, but her father disapproved and refused to give her a dowry. She married her love anyway, despite the threat of poverty. The groom's friends pitched in and "showered" the bride with gifts of household necessities for their new home. Thanks to the shower, the bride's heart was mended -- and her cupboard was stocked. The bridal shower has become a wedding tradition, occasionally evolving into multiple showers given by friends, bridesmaids, busininess associates, and both families.

Polina's love of caviar, champagne, and elegance inspired the bridal shower planners: Ann; Inna; Jennifer; and George, the bride's "best boy," to plan a shower with an "indulge the bride" theme.

Guests entered under the domed outdoor alcove leading into one of San Francisco's romantic and gorgeous private restaurant rooms -- the refined and elegant La Table du Chef. They were greeted by luscious flutes of Perrier Jouet 1995 Fleur de Champagne, the ultimate bridal shower champagne. Caviar was waiting for guests to spoon onto toast points. These glistening and sensual caviar beads and the romantic champagne started off the shower on an elegant note.


Soon after, guests were invited to take their seats. Resting at the table settings were printed bridal shower menus; a scroll with a poem called "Ode to Polina," written by her maid of honor; and a favor, lavender scented crystal salts in a whimsical miniature satchel. Centerpieces of tulips, roses, and orchids were set in the middle of all three round tables.

Halfway through the three course luncheon (pea soup, sea bass with mushroom ragout, and coulis for dessert), there was a surprise visitor. An Italian gentleman waltzed into the room towards Polina, holding a CD player. Pretending to be the jilted lover Polina had left behind in Tuscany, he began to sing some of her favorite arias from Italian operas. This surprise came from "best boy," George. Soon after, a large arrangement of gorgeous flowers arrived from David, her fiancé. The enclosed card read "Have a wonderful shower!". Polina proclaimed that she was "marrying the absolute right guy!"

The second dessert was a sumptuous French wedding cake called "St. Honore." Many cream-filled puff pastries were piled high to form a cake--pure decadence.

Then it was time to open the presents. Everyone oohed and aahed over the gifts: an array of sexy lingerie, bath salts, books, and a special gift from the bride"s future sister-in-law: a microwavable stuffed teddy that is an alternative to a hot water bottle.

The shower went off without a hitch and everyone proclaimed it the best bridal shower they' ever had attended. It was full of love, warmth, and happiness, all enhanced by impeccable champagne and caviar. Polina was deeply touched to be able to share such a joyous event with those she cared about.

If you want to indulge at your wedding shower, there are many caviar varieties available at a broad range of prices.

Polina is Director of Business Development of Tsar Nicoulai Caviar, which produces their excellent caviar from fish grown in the Sacramento River. Tsar Nicoulai Caviar is delicate, environmentally progressive California Estate Osetra caviar, produced locally. If you want to indulge at your wedding shower, there are many caviar varieties available at a broad range of prices. Check the website at, or call 415-543-3007.

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