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Laura Hunt

Great Ideas: The Memory Globe
A Fresh Approach to Old Customs

Johanna Kaestner

Some time ago a bride asked me for a solution to preserve a rose from her bridal bouquet by putting it into a paperweight. "What a great idea!" I thought; such a paperweight can be used or displayed in the home or the office. It serves as a great thank-you gift for bride's and groom's mothers, for theClick to enlarge bridesmaids, and, if money is of no concern, it makes a great favor, too.

Several years ago, my children gave me a paperweight with a dandelion inside; all the fine seeds with their little umbrellas were perfectly intact. I have liked it so much that I have displayed it on our dining room table. The pretty globe has added to the conversation, and many of our guests wondered how such a delicate plant could be worked into such a beautiful globe.

It took me some time to find the company responsible. It is situated in Wales on the west coast of Great Britain. On a trip to Europe, I visited Gareth, the proprietor, and his family on the Hafod Grange. Here I witnessed the long tedious process to produce these beautiful paperweights. An inexpensive paperweight kit for Gareth's uncle, who suffered from muscular dystrophy, had started the family business many years ago. He soon learned about the limitations of such a simple production. His brother helped him to search for the perfect resin, one that didn't change color with time and allowed the fine dried flowers to look so natural. To learn about the casting and all the machinery needed was another experience. Now, after more than thirty years, the company has the process down to perfection. In addition to flowers, they can encase pieces of bowling greens, golf balls, credit cards, and other mementos for private and corporate use.

The easiest way to put a perfect flower into a memory globe is to freeze-dry it before. Talk to your florist and have her/him order a few extra flowers for freeze-drying before shipping them off. Flowers must be in perfect condition to go through the freeze-drying process. You also can order your roses, orchids, etc. as gifts, already encased. Allow about six weeks for the process..

Don't forget, a Memory Globe with a beautiful red rose makes the perfect Valentine gift which you can order from BRO. Discount for large orders available! Please sent an email

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