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Laura Hunt

BRO Features

Welcome to our Features Page, the most dynamic section of the BRO web site. You'll want to visit again and again, so add this page to your bookmarks now!

BRO Features include:

Do-it-yourself! Assemble your own invitation

Featured Events -- Read our stories about beautiful weddings.

Fit and Beautiful for Your Wedding -
Look Your Best In A Strapless Gown
Exercise with Mischa Kubancik

Great Ideas -- Unconventional Table Numbers

Your First Home -- Finishing Touches

The BRO Picture of the Month -- The best wedding pictures

Velvet and Sweet Pea's Purrfumery
The Purrfumery Adventure

Wedding Topics

Latest Trends -- Get the latest ideas and fashions for weddings and other events. Linda Hylen of the Merchants Exchange

Honeymoon -- Experience honeymoon destinations through reports and stories

Cooking for Couples
Asparagus and Shi-take bread Pudding,
All BRO Recipes

Romance & Money in October
Incorporating the Cost of Gift Giving
Use the Monthly Budget Worksheet to get a handle on your financial future.

Relationship Guide Cheerleaders or Competitors
Articles for the bride and groom to share.

Ask the Experts -- Find answers to your most pressing wedding questions concerning invitations, etiquette, bride & groom, and attendees.

"Love Stories" -- Love in the Times of the Internet

Fun Stuff -- Lighten up during the stressful wedding planning!

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