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Laura Hunt

Romance & Money

Romance in April

Is your spouse a romantic fool? Lucky you. If not, take things into your own hands. Send him flowers at his office, just because. Or, have a special meal in the middle of the week. Make his favorite dinner and set the table with candles and wine. Do something out of the ordinary. Remember when you do unto others as you'd like done unto yourself, hopefully the others will get the hint.

Buy some fresh spring flowers for your spouse, (Girls, guys like to get flowers, too!) and go on a surprise date to a new trendy restaurant. Flirt with each other. Remember how? If you're slow to recall, take a walk down memory lane. At dinner talk about the night (or day) you met. Did your eyes lock from across a crowded room? Did you bump into each other in an elevator?
I met my husband while he was sitting on a corner at a Seattle bistro having coffee with his buddies. Our eyes did lock. Thankfully, I also knew one of his buddies, and we were introduced. We love to recall that moment.

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