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Laura Hunt

Romance & Money

Romance in August

Dust off that picnic basket. It's summer! Take your sandals, candles, wine, cheese, and grapes down to the beach. Lie back on your blanket and just watch the stars. There's no greater show around. Learn to be in the moment with each other. Have a midnight picnic on the beach or in your back yard. We have a hammock from where we watch the stars on a regular bases.

Plan a surprise date. Take him or her to a favorite activity, perhaps one you normally would not attend together. If you are not a sports fan but your spouse is, get tickets to a game, go together, buy hot dogs, and enjoy! The activity could be going to a concert, playing a round of golf, taking a wine tour, or going on a hike. Choose something of special interest to your spouse. This is a generous way to show your love and regard, and that's the point. This month, I'll be taking my own advice and arranging an outing to a baseball game for myself and my husband.

Did you make each other breakfast in bed when you were first married? Well do it again. Surprise your spouse with his/her favorite breakfast in bed. Don't forget to put a flower on the tray. Linger for a long Sunday morning of reading the paper and enjoying each other. My husband and I do this every Sunday. It's our bonding time in an otherwise hectic life. Time together can be the most priceless gift we offer each other.

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