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Laura Hunt

Romance & Money

Romance in February

Obviously February is Valentine's month. But I'd like you to consider going deeper in your quest to show your spouse how much you love him/her. Deeper than a card, flowers, candy, and heart-covered boxer shorts.

Show that you love one another. Actions do speak louder than words. One of the things I love most about my husband is how he shows me that he loves me. He always holds my hand in public, or gives me a quick kiss when we're in a movie or grocery line. Love can be a selfish thing. By that I mean we love to be around people that make us feel good about ourselves. A sincere show of affection at unexpected times is a tender thing. In eight years I've never gone a day without my husband giving me a big hug. Because his actions show he loves me, he makes me feel good about myself. There is nowhere I'd rather be.

Sincerely showing affection for your spouse fits very snuggly into your budget, and I guarantee a good return on your investment. What do your actions tell your spouse?

Don't wait for the 14th; put little Valentine cards and notes in special places for your spouse to find. Put a post-it that says, "Hi! I love you." inside the toilet lid. When he lifts it up, you'll hear the laughter.

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