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Laura Hunt

Romance & Money

Romance in January

January is a time for renewal and recommitting ourselves to goals. Even though you are busy with wedding plans. outline your new year's commitment to romance; one night out a week, dancing one Saturday night each month, watch an afternoon matinee, plan to take in your city's film festival, or season of plays. Buy the tickets this month for the coming season. Make a new years resolution every year for spending time together doing what you love, or trying something new.

Build a fire or light a candle and unwrap those toasty winter toes. Give each other a foot massage with oil or cream. It's a great time to talk, bond, and who knows.

One of the surest and simplest ways to enhance your romance is to be grateful for it. Together make a map of your romance; where you met, first kissed, first fell in love, first argued, first spent a weekend away together, etc. Tell each other how grateful you are that you in each other's lives. This type of communication will smooth the rough road of communicating about financial concerns. When you feel grateful, you are bonding on a much deeper romantic level. Be grateful, and write it down!

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