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Laura Hunt

Romance & Money

Romance in June

You don't have to go somewhere else; design a dream date in your own city. Pretend you're a tourist
My husband and I love the city we live in, so here's a fun afternoon and evening for us:
We are taking a tourist ride on the "Duck Tours" around Seattle, our home city. The "duck" is an amphibious WWII vehicle. This strange aqua bus goes from the streets right into the water for a ride around the lake.
It is so much fun to travel around your own city and see it through the eyes of a tourist. We will then walk around downtown and window shop the high end art galleries. Then we'll finish off by having dinner at one of our favorite restaurants. We walk, hold hands, and casually enjoy the world around us.

In many cities, early summer is a great time in many cities for film festivals. Find a festival list and either go to all the films during the month, or pick one that you and your spouse normally would never see. Choose something romantic, of course.Go to the early show and then come home for a romantic candlelit dinner. Talk about the movie and see where the evening leads you.

Create secret anniversaries that only you and your spouse know about. Some will stick and you'll enjoy them throughout your lives together. For example:
Saturday July 10th was the first day our dog Skippie proved to us that the potty training days were behind us. He barked at the door. What a celebration!
Or sad: Every Father's day I think of you because I know you're thinking of him. I'm so sorry about the loss of your father.
(It's so important to acknowledge to our loves that we know what hurts them as well as what makes them laugh.)

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