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Laura Hunt

Romance & Money

Romance in May

May is the month of spring flowers. If your guy doesn't particularly care for flowers, send a bouquet of designer cookies to his office. There are many inexpensive ways to say I love you. You can buy a romantic card that shows how much you care. Check Maya Angelou's new, precious Life Mosaic Cards, available in Hallmark stores.

I truly believe it's the little things in a relationship that are the seeds of romance. Big things are great, but it's the little things that keep the romance alive.

Plant the seed on a Monday by giving your spouse a coupon for an oil massage on a following weekend morning. He'll look forward to it all week. Remind him all week; just two more days…

If your spouse, like Anne Marie's, is away for an extended time, you can send massage coupons in your letters to him while he's gone. I'm sure your romance will be in great shape when he returns home to collect.

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