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Laura Hunt

Romance & Money

Romance in October

I heard a story recently that touched my heart. I'd like to share that with you:
A young couple who had just been getting on their feet financially had been dreaming about going somewhere tropical, like Jamaica, but could not afford the trip. The husband surprised his young wife one evening after work. He met her at the door, handed her a glass of Champagne, blindfolded her, and guided her down the stairs to their unfinished basement where he took the blindfold off.
In front of her was a sandy beach floor (sand on linoleum) and lighted candles everywhere. Grass skirts were hanging on the wall along with signs that read 'Jamaica'. Spread out on blankets were coconut cups with piña coladas and a feast of beef kabobs and pineapple chunks on platters.
He told her, "Just until we can get to the real place for our anniversary, I wanted you to know you're the most important part of the dream. Happy anniversary." Needless to say, she melted.
Isn't that true romance?

Start your journey long before you leave this soil. Learn about another culture that you're interested in traveling to; take a class, go to a different church or synagogue. Find a Greek festival, or Oktoberfest. Hold hands. You can't always have exactly what you dream, the way you dream it, but you can certainly make new dreams and memories that are rooted in the reality of your finances and your love.

Don't forget that October means Oktoberfest. Go to a festival and eat sauerkraut, drink beer, laugh, and do the Polka!

Halloween is an overlooked opportunity for romance. What is more fun than dressing up and going out in the world looking funny, sexy, scary, or just anonymous? What's sexier than making each other laugh?
Get dressed up, go out. Have fun. There's nothing more romantic than being silly with the one you love.

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