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Laura Hunt

Romance & Money

Romance in September

Design a dream date that fits snuggly within your budget; whether it's going to a vintage matinee or a Broadway play.

Use the element of surprise, be creative! My husband was working in our yard all day one Saturday a few weeks back. I told him that I needed his help getting something I'd bought at Home Depot into the car and that he'd have to drop everything, and run back to the store with me. Disgruntled, he got into the car. I'd secretly packed a couple of iced glasses and some of his favorite beer in a small cooler. Instead of Home Depot, I drove to the waterfront where a horse drawn carriage awaited us for our sunset carriage ride through the Seattle Waterfront. The look on his face was priceless

Many communities offer late summer to early fall gallery and art walks that are free and offer opportunities for holding hands, sipping wine, nibbling on hors d'oeuvres and discussing the passion of art. Conversations about any kind of passion are a great way to keep romance alive.

Buy a box of valentine cards as you did when you were in school. For approximately $2.50, you will have about 40 love notes. Fill them in, write Me + You or whatever and hide them in your spouses car, toolbox, coat pocket, dresser drawer, or under his/her pillow. You can do this any time of the year.

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