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Laura Hunt

Editorial Calendar Romance & Money


M.S. Halleck has  a successful career as real estate agent and finance consultant and is a published writer in the Pacific Northwest.

Congratulations!  You're in love and getting married. This will be an intoxicating and timeless period in your life.

During this exhilarating time, you also will encounter some stress as you plan your wedding. Protect your romance from the arguments that plague so many other couples. Learn to make sound financial decisions from the beginning, and lay a solid foundation for your marriage.

After running this column for several years, I have decided to summarize the most important questions and publish them during the course of this year.

Read the advice that will help you to develop a plan to keep your romantic and financial lives healthy and happy.


Monthly Budget Worksheet
Important Financial Help Websites and Phone Numbers

January:  Creatively Paying  For Your Upcoming Wedding

A. Wedding plans? -- Financial considerations; where to start
B. How much debt is too much?
C. Paying for the wedding
D. Shared wedding costs
E. Creatively financing your wedding

Romance in January

February: Money Managing Tips

A. Do NOT cash out your future
B. Four powerful tips for managing money together
C. Establish good patterns for joint planning and spending now; review and revise your budget

Romance in February

Romance By The Sea

A Romantic Trip To Victoria, BC and... Budgeting For Romance

March: Buying Your First Home

A. Don’t forget the hard choices like life insurance
B. The 7 big mortgage mistakes and how to avoid them
C. Planning your first joint tax season; strategy for buying a  home
D. Financial tune-up month

Romance in March

April: Dealing With Your First Joint Tax Season

A. Stop complaining about taxes; three tax-time management tips

Romance in April

May: Eliminating Family Stress:

A. Learn to plant the seeds of financial stewardship

Romance in May

June: Creating Financial Health

A. Set realistic financial goals
B. Stay focused on your shared goals
C. What is behind your spending habit?

Romance in June

July: Repairing Your Damaged Credit Past

A. Your credit past is your credit future
B. When one spouse has bad credit - home buying strategy
C. Plan before you say again "I do"

Romance in July

August: Communicating About The Budget

A. Arguments about finances
B. Develop behavior integrity
C. Negotiate spending boundaries

Romance in August

September: Are Your Current Spending Profiles Destroying Future Financial Goals?

A. Combating debt
B. Personal spending and credit profiles

Romance in September

October: Incorporating The Cost Of Gift Giving

A. Money talk before the holidays
B. Managing gift giving
C. Budget your Christmas gifts!

Romance in October

November: Setting Realistic Financial Goals

A. Order those annual credit reports!
B. Is a prenuptial agreement right for you?

Romance in November

December: Special Issues For Military Families

A. Surviving financial hardship
B. Review and revise your budget

Romance in December

Romance on Maui

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