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Laura Hunt

Sail Away into the Sunset or Elope in Style

You don't have to sit on the beach watching that beautiful boat disappear into the sunset. You could be on it, the romantic catamaran named Neverlands!

Sailing away on your honeymoon on this immaculate boat is like a dream come true. Cruising between the Mediterranean islands, along the Cornwall coast of England, or among the northern German islands, visiting old quaint towns, exploring and shopping, will be an experience you won't forget.

Another prospect is to elope. Take your best friends; the catamaran sleeps six. Stop at a harbor town and get married. There are fewer complications with a wedding abroad if the couple already has had a prior civil ceremony in their home country.

The 2 1/2-year-old catamaran, built with lots of input from the owner, is 65 feet long and is 32 feet wide at the beam. It has two separate cabins, which provide utmost privacy. The spacious master bedroom with a nearly king-size bed, a great panoramic view, a bathroom and a second bedroom are in the starboard cabin. The portside cabin hosts 2 more bedrooms, the main cabin, and the kitchen.

You can charter this beauty with its experienced captain, Kurti Paregger. He also is an excellent cook, has participated in cooking competitions, and is a member of Italy's prestigious Accademia della Cucina.

When you lease the boat, Kurti will discuss the route with you, taking wind, weather, and anchor possibilities into consideration. Depending on time available and security aspects, most of your requests will be met. Sailing about 6 hours per day, a distance of 250 miles can be covered in a week. About seven days before the trip, Kurti will contact you about your culinary requests and will shop accordingly.

In 2003 the boat will be in the Mediterranean until the end of June, then it will sail to Great Britain, and to the northern German coast.

A complimentary wedding or candlelight dinner with a bottle of champagne is included in the price.

€5,000 (About $5,000) for boat leasing, captain, fuel
For 4 people or more an extra mate is advisable (€500/week)
Extra charges: mooring fees, drinks, wedding license, food between €50 to €100/couple per day

To learn more about the Neverlands please visit In 2004, the Neverlands will be in the Caribbean. Please inquire for dates and pricing.

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