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Laura Hunt

Celebrate Your Love
10 Simple Ways to Keep Your Love Alive While You're Planning Your Wedding


Sherry Richert Belul is a freelance writer and owner of Mad Moon Creations, a business specializing in customized one-of-a-kind guest books and tribute books. She is also publisher of Simply Celebrate, an email newsletter dedicated to helping people connect to themselves and those they love. Receive a free monthly subscription to Simply Celebrate by visiting

  1. Why Ask Why?
    You're planning a beautiful wedding together. But beyond that, there are a lot of reasons why you make such a great couple. Make a list of the ten things you love most about your fiancé. Sign it with a lipstick kiss and there will be no question for him what this wedding is all about.
  2. Come to Your Senses
    Wedding planning can be great fun…but the lists and details also can make your head spin. Bring him to his senses (and yours, too!) by delighting in a delicious meal together or spending an hour smelling flowers, holding hands, or wandering through an art gallery.
  3. Do-Nothing Days
    Once or twice a month, schedule time for you and your fiancé to take a luxurious break from wedding details and planning. Make a pact that you'll just have fun together. A movie? A stroll in the park? Breakfast in bed? Just one rule for whatever you do: not a word about weddings!
  4. Fun Flirtation
    Whisper in his ear. Write love notes and hide them in cupboards or drawers. Coyly brush your hand over his. Do you remember how charming it was when you first met your fiancé? Kick start passion with a little of that old flirtation.
  5. Sweets for the Sweet
    Drop the dieting for some scrumptious strawberry shortcake or fabulous fudge with your honey. Chocolate is an aphrodisiac…. so splurge after dinner and end your evening on a very sweet note.
  6. Phone Home
    If you're working late or out running wedding errands, give him a quick call just to say, "I'm thinking of you." It worked for ET!
  7. Good Natured
    Go outside! If you've got wedding errands to do together, first take a walk in the rain, sit outside on a park bench, or drive through the park with the windows down. If you can spare the hours, treat yourselves to a hike in the mountains or a leisurely stroll on a windy beach.
  8. Music to My Ears
    Soothe your souls with some marvelous music. Next time you sit down to talk about wedding cakes or invitations, choose some tunes to set the mood. Try playing that CD you two always listened to when you first met. Or how about the song that was playing when you first kissed? Create a whole CD or cassette filled with songs about your love. You're certain to be in harmony after that!
  9. Unusual You
    Try surprise. Choose something you wouldn't normally wear—maybe something daring or fun. How about that new lacy blue camisole or the orange chiffon scarf? Use a new word, suggest a new place, read a new genre. Sometimes the smallest jolt of surprise will spark your passion in a big way.
  10. Daydream Believer
    Snuggle up together in a comfortable spot and talk about anything and everything beyond your wedding day—careers, travel, buying a home, starting a family. Let your imagination go wild as you go beyond your wildest dreams together. Talking about your lives together in this way can help you remember that your wonderful wedding day is just the beginning to a magnificent marriage.

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