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Laura Hunt

Wedding Topics: Digital Wedding Photography Comes of Age

Meg and Michael Price, Meg and Michael Weddings

After shooting over 700 weddings using the finest Swedish camera and German optics loaded with Kodak film we thought we were offering the best memories available. Or were we?

The digital evolution is nudging out film as the best way to record an event which cannot be done over again. Even your local one-hour photo lab no longer prints traditionally with an enlarger but scans negatives and prints digitally. Traditional printing is quickly being replaced by laser light technology.

We went to a Las Vegas wedding photographers convention this spring and saw first-hand wedding photographers shooting exclusively digital. It amazed us. There was a brighter light within the photos exhibited.

The work was fresh, alive, creative. We didn't imagine that the quality would EXCEED film for low-light ambient coverage. The cameras were incredible. These were not your consumer digital cameras with red eye and grainy images! We had known we would not switch unless there was an image that would not compromise the quality we demand. We had found it. We went home completely inspired and made the immediate transition to digital without looking back.

Auto focus and exposure allow us to move quickly and be right there without worrying about the technical. Our 1GB flash cards hold 220 images- no more reloading after 12 or 24. Our bright zoom lenses are awesome-allowing a wide angle of the beautiful ceremony scene or a close up of the two hands, exchanging rings. Our cameras feel like extensions of our bodies, caught up in the magic we are feeling.
Immediate feedback on the LCD screen allows us to change lighting, angle, color as the day flows. No more waiting two weeks to see what worked after the guests have flown home.

Freedom from cost consideration allows us to run wild with our creativity taking chances. We take almost 1000 photos per wedding, easily. Take 100 pictures during the first dance and see how likely you are to catch that golden moment when the bride and groom look at one another and suddenly grasp that they are married (Sometimes our coverage, with the two of us moving around caught up in the moment, is a dance in itself.) Later, at home, is the time to edit it to the perfect story.

On-line proofing changes our workflow and most importantly leaves the proof book with the bride while family and friends can view and order prints from home. Enlargements are crisp and sharp and special software can take you up to 40 x 60 without pixelization.

Images are dust free and can be easily perfected using Michael's 10 years of PhotoShop expertise. Any shot can be black and white, sepia, or a creative combination of all. The digital files are printed on traditional photo paper so they are archivally correct and gorgeous.

Since making the switch we have had a blast with this season! All of the clients from our pre-digital bookings have made the transition with us without hesitation- trusting our vision. We are doing the best work of our lives!

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