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Laura Hunt

Digital Photography Rocks - where we are now

Meg and Michael Price, Meg and Michael Weddings

Now that we have photographed over two full seasons without film, we know that we will never go back. We brought modern technology into our 20 year mastery of light, shadow, love, and tenderness. We constantly learn and grow and upgrade to stay in the forefront of our craft. Digital cameras have redefined wedding photography.

Background change: From parking lot to lawn

Two years ago when we went completely digital, we found ourselves explaining and promoting the digital capture. Times have changed! Now we find savvy, sophisticated brides and grooms actively seeking digital and all of its advantages. They know that any prior disadvantages have long ago been solved. Our professional lab, which has been in business since 1936 no longer accepts film negatives. They are 100% digital! We FTP (file transfer protocol) our images through the web to Wisconsin, and they UPS the prints right to our porch.

Add the groom, remove the mother's sun glasses

A photographer is a painter in a hurry. We grab those moments, stuff them in our bags to work with later, and move forward with the exquisite action. We're hired to be the eyes of the event. Digital photography assures reliable, high quality capture with that instant gratification in the LCD viewer. Freed from concerns about the cost of each image and the limits of 24 or 36 shots per roll, we are able to stay in the emotional moment. That freedom has led us to greater artistic heights. We truly have had the best two years of our wedding photography lives.

Uncompressed images allow the full range
 of picture adjustments later

Instead of taking 300-400 shots per wedding with film, we take 1200-1600 digital images. Edited to 600-700 photos which perfectly and completely tell the story of the day, they are posted on our website where friends and family can order directly without disturbing the couple. A bound magazine of each image beautifully printed on photo paper tells the unforgettable story.

Photoshop filter treatments make photos more arty

The real advantage of digital comes with the post-production correction and enhancements. We are the darkroom now; we can be certain of perfect exposure, color, and composition. The group is perfect save for Aunt Flora's eyes being closed? Simple--switch with another head shot in which her eyes are open. We're so caught up in the emotion of that first dance that the shot is a little dark? Software allows us to optimize every single shot. Then there is the ability to take the portrait of the bride and make it into a breathtaking piece of art.

A composite created from several dance shots.

Using filters, colors, paint brush effects, there is no limit other than the artist's imagination. In the last 2 years several major software enhancements have revolutionized our lives. We now have access to sophisticated image sharpening, amazing color correction and brightening, and camera noise reduction.

As photographers on the crest of a new wave, we have a commitment to keep up with the latest and the best because we would have no less for our clients. We look to the future with excitement and anticipation.

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