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Laura Hunt

Wedding Topics: Economical Flowers for Your Special Day

Peggy Lehman, Designs by Peggy

"I want flowers that are in season," are very often the first words the bride tells to me in order to let me know she has a tight budget. To her "flowers in season" means savings on her flower expense.
This was true for many years and it dated back to the time when the flowers the Bay Area designers used were grown in Silicon Valley green houses and fields. As the property value rose, the owners sold their valuable land to make room for the high tech companies now flooding the valley.
An expert who understands the current flower market can give you wonderful news. Each bride can now have beautiful, affordable wedding flowers, independent of the season, that will fit her wedding budget.
Due to the high tech cooling in freight planes, flowers from all over the world are accessible. Even after a long trip, they arrive in excellent condition. Traditionally flowers came from Holland, Israel, Africa and Singapore; recently South America, with its wonderful climate, has entered the flower market, too.
70% of all cut-flowers are imported; 45% of all the roses sold in the United States come from Columbia. Who hasn't admired these attractive showy roses. Their large-sized heads mean fewer roses are needed to make a beautiful bouquet. That is one reason the imported flowers can be used without exceeding most budgets. When you meet with your florists, don't get anxious when they suggest imported flowers; it doesn't mean a budget breakdown. Trust their creativity as they use these exquisite flowers to create lovely displays for your special day.

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