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Laura Hunt

Gifts For The Guys

Sari August

No doubt you have asked your best friends, favorite cousins, or even a sibling to act as groomsmen at your wedding. They are honored by your request, and you are honored by their participation in this most important day of your life. Your special day will be forever engraved in their memories, and a smile will come across their faces whenever they use or even just glance at the gift you thoughtfully chose for them.

Any gift that you would purchase for a man would be suitable as a groomsman gift. But it becomes more personal with the thought that went into choosing the gift, meaning that you don't have to gift all of your groomsmen with the same item. Think about the guy, his vocation or avocation, and experiences you've shared together. Did you meet him at school? At the workplace? At a gym or at a common interest group? Putting some thought into this will spark the idea of the perfect gift.

Is he an avid sports aficionado? How about golf gear, a baseball or bat, a sports trophy, or sport watch. For your drinking buddy, there are flasks, barware, mugs, wine bags, cocktail shakers, coasters, coolers. If you did your drinking over a card table, a poker set or playing cards. For an office mate, there are letter openers, pens, business card cases and holders, and paperweights.

You may not get to see this buddy often because he travels much of the time. In this case, travel alarms, luggage tags, travel bags, CD pouches, portable grooming kits or manicure sets. Speaking of grooming, which your groomsmen will pay special attention to on THE DAY, shaving or shoe shine kits, cufflinks, or perhaps a pocket watch so that he shows up on time!

Many of these gifts can be engraved with a "thank you," your names and wedding date to add a personal touch.

Ay! But there's always chocolate! OK, so it won't last forever. But for us chocoholics, it's the perfect gift, especially if you turn us onto a chocolatier we're not familiar with.

Include a note with your gift, perhaps expressing the reason for your choice, but most important, telling this man how grateful you are to know him and how much he has contributed to your life's experiences. You'll have as much fun thinking about the perfect gift as your groomsmen will have receiving it from you.

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