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Laura Hunt

Wedding Topics: The Perfect Gown

Lily Dong,
Lily Dong Couture Bridal
Photography: Michael Price

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What makes a bride picture perfect?

It is when the gown she wears perfectly compliments her personality, her style, and her unique body type. As impossible as this sounds, it can be done.

Almost immediately after a woman becomes engaged, she starts searching for her gown. This is a good thing because only a few lucky women will find "the" gown at the first try; for many brides finding a gown can become a long journey. It is fun, but it definitely is work!  

With so many options and so many stores to visit, it's helpful to do your "homework" beforehand. Learn what type of fabrics and styles are available. I don't advise the bride to follow the trends to a T; however, by perusing as many bridal magazines as available, she gets a good sense of whether there's something she'll like.

Each season has bridal fashion for every taste. Sometimes trends can compliment each other; sometimes they can be direct opposites. Right now, you'll find soft, frilly chiffon gowns with lots of yardage, very romantic and feminine, yet not fit for every wedding. These gowns have lots of movement, and single layers of that material are somewhat transparent, so you need more than one layer. I would suggest such a gown for a beach wedding, where things are more relaxed and the wind will make your chiffon billow and reveal the lightness that goes so well with an informal celebration. 

If you are more traditional and like a more tailored fashion, strapless gowns are very hot right now. They are usually made out of a heavier, stiffer fabric, like silk or satin and fitted everywhere but the skirt. It is a great design if you are a very confident person, spend a lot of time in the gym, or want to show off your figure and your skin! It also is very glamorous and dramatic. Often the only embellishments of these gowns are a row of rhinestone buttons down the back or a beautifully hand-beaded trim or motif in the front to highlight a tasteful d├ęcolletage.

As a contrast, a strapless gown often has a full skirt, which makes your waist appear much smaller than your actual size. Which bride wouldn't want that?!

Let "simple elegance" (overused but to-the-point) be your guide, and you can't go wrong on your journey of finding the perfect gown. Be true to yourself; don't try to be someone you are not; your gown should reflect your inner self.

And what makes the bride a bride, beyond for her gown? Her veil!

The recently rediscovered tiaras top many updos. I prefer the vintage tiaras, they look more classic.

Remember: if your gown has many design elements, go simple on the veil, the jewelry and the accessories; if your gown is very simple, do the opposite. Visual balance is most important and shows your impeccable taste. Your wedding is not a beauty pageant.

A bride has no competition on her wedding day, she will be the most beautiful of all!

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