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Laura Hunt

Wedding Topics: Responsibilities of a Bridesmaid

Dee Merz, Everlasting Memories
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The Maid of Honor is the counterpart of the best man but with less responsibility. She is the bride's helper and hand-holder. She should try to relieve the bride of as many tasks as she can before the wedding and especially on the day itself.

  • Being polite, being cheerful, being ready on time, being attentive to your dear friend will make the day go very smoothly.
  • Following are the typical details that would be helpful for you to know:
  • You may have to  pay for your own gown, headdress and shoes. Sometimes this does change if you have difficulty with the expenses.
  • You may or may not be responsible for getting to and from the wedding site. I do find that many brides have been taking care of this for the entire group, but it is not an absolute guarantee.
  • You will have the responsibility of arranging a shower, luncheon or party for the bride or the bride and bridegroom.
  • Usually consulting with the bridesmaids about a joint gift for the bride, collecting the money, and buying the gift will be your responsibility. This is separate from the individual wedding present given to the couple by each member of the bridal party.
  • Assist with letting the bridesmaids know the timing of: fittings, hair and makeup appointment, pre-wedding photographs, showers, parties, etc.
  • You will attend the rehearsal.
  • You will attend the rehearsal dinner. You may be asked to make a toast.
  • Before the ceremony, make sure the bride's going away clothes are packed and at the right place.
  • Help the bride dress.
  • Calm her nerves.
  • You will immediately precedes the bride in the processional.
  • You will be standing next to the bride at the altar and hold her bouquet at the appropriate time.
  • If the bride has a blusher and it is forgotten to be raised you may need to assist.
  • At the end of the ceremony, help adjust the bride's train and veil when she turns for the recessional.
  • You will serve as the legal witness and sign the appropriate papers. Remind her to have the papers at rehearsal.
  • Most of all, being patient with your friend during the most important planning days of her life and supporting her even when she begins to lose a little of herself and gets testy is the sign of a true friends.

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