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Laura Hunt

Vendors: San Francisco 
BRO Seal of Approval 2005

Laura Hunt

Napa, CA
Contact: Laura Hunt
Phone: 707.252.8255

We met in a coffee house in the heart of San Francisco. First Laura told me about her life, which led her to different countries, enriching her photographic experience. In high school she already was taking pictures and selling them. Then she attended photography classes at the Napa Valley College. A trip to France made her fall in love with that city and to look for work there. It did not take long for her to become the Production Assistant to Peter Turnley, a contributing photographer to Newsweek. She organized his photo library, and was responsible for assignment preparation.

During the first part of her stay in Paris Laura did not touch her camera at all. She soaked up the art around her: from the stimulation of her work to the paintings and sculptures in the many fabulous museums. Than she began to see again, with new eyes, and picked up the camera once more. To support herself and to learn more she found other interesting jobs: Assistant Studio Manager for Peter Menzel, who is famous for his book Material World, and photo editor for renowned Napa Valley photographer, Charles O'Rear.

All these experiences left a mark and made her into one of the truly great wedding photographers in our area. Her pictures are very distinctive; many are comparable to the paintings of the Impressionists. She has a great eye to see and capture wonderful romantic compositions like that of a wedding party under a wine-covered trellis; in another picture she uses the graphic lines of a staircase to off-set bride and groom. I loved browsing through the different photo albums she had brought with her. The pictures were so vivid that I felt like a guest, standing right next to her.

Her clients describe her and her work as "really wonderful," "very creative," "she is a true artist and got these beautiful, unique shots."

Custom black and white prints are hand-printed and presented together with the colored photographs in handmade leather albums. Laura also speaks Spanish and French.



weddings in photojournalistic style

from $3,200 for 5 hours

Extra Charges:
albums, travel outside of Bay Area

Payment Terms:
$950 deposit, balance due 10 days before event

Credit Cards:
Visa, MasterCard

Lead Time:
1 month to 18 months

Package Plans:
custom plans depending on time present

Previews Ready:
within 10 weeks

Camera Format:
35 mm, 2 1/4

Service Area:

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